Downloading Risk Quantify

Pulling the source from CVS

If you are using a Windows machine, I recommend downloading and installing cygwin from Red Hat.

This is what you should do to get the source if you don't have developer access to Risk Quantify.

  1. First login to the repository:

    cvs login

  2. Next, check-out the source:

    cvs co -P riskquantify

    The "-P" option is very important, as over Risk Quantify's lifetime I've changed the directory structure a few times. The "-P" option "prunes" empty directories that are in CVS.

To update your source with the latest version in CVS, use the following command:

cd riskquantify
cvs update -d

Getting the source from SourceForge

You can get the latest release of the source from SourceForge, under the menu option "Files".

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