Building Risk Quantify


SWIG is used to generate the interfaces for Perl and Guile. You can disable the generation of the SWIG-based interface via the "--enable-swig=no" option to the configure script.

To build the documentation, you need to have TexInfo and Doxygen version 1.2.18 (or later) installed. {}.

Unix/Linux Build

If you obtained your version of the Risk Quantify source from a tar ball, Unix and Linux users should just be able to type in ./configure (with the options you want to use), then make to build the documentation, library and test programs.

make check will execute the test scripts and programs and report if any of the tests failed.

Windows Build

Windows users have a MSVC workspace in the base riskquantify directory containing two projects. The "rq" project builds a static Risk Quantify library, and the "" project builds a DLL.

Unfortunately, at the moment I haven't created MSVC projects for building the PERL interface or the tests

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